Conclusion of all things law like

Through the course of the Spring 2012 semester, I hope I have been able to give you a glimpse of a few types of law, considerations for the average law student, my experience in preparing with the LSAT and, finally, choosing whether to stay in Oklahoma or leave it.

This assignment has allowed me to analyze some of my concerns in perspective and has spiked an interest in me to continue blogging about law topics for myself in the next year. Blogging for myself lets me see things more clearly and helps me in identifying different value I find in law.

Although, I often journal I have also found through this assignment that by having to type out my thoughts I can get all of the information out more quickly. Ultimately, I hope you were able to enjoy at least part of my writing on the matters of law.


Laura Lopez

Future Law Student.

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To stay or to go, to stay or to go

Deciding where to attend law school is a difficult decision. Supposing I am accepted to an out-of-state school and  in-state school, that puts me in a bit of conundrum. There are multiple pros  and some cons for both.

I’m an extremely family-oriented person, and my family means the world to me. So to make a conscious decision to live far away from them isn’t the most ideal thought. If I were to attend school outside of Oklahoma, I would live at least eight hours away from my parents. I could expand my horizons and have a better opportunity to specify  the type of law I would like to study. On the other hand though tuition would be outrageous the first year at least. Secondly, I would most likely know few people, which is a pro and a con.

The biggest pros of staying in Oklahoma include but are not limited to; more scholarship offers, location closer to family and friends. The cons of staying in Oklahoma are: licensed in Oklahoma and being less likely to move later on in life. Not getting legal experience outside of Oklahoma, and conforming to the best types of law offered here. If I were to stay in Oklahoma, I would like to focus on oil and gas law. However, I decided to pursue intellectual property law in Oklahoma my chances of success in a specific field would be seriously lowered.

If I were to leave Oklahoma, I would have the opportunity for the first time to live in another state. My LSAT score could possibly be high enough so I could have some type of scholarship money. I would be able to focus more on the type of law I truly desire to practice. I could also potentially attend one of the more prestigious law schools in the nation.

These are some of my main concerns in choosing a law school. None of the concerns; however, are of utter importance until I have a definite LSAT score.

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Law School Admissions Test..

As you previously read, the  admissions test is one of the major factors in getting accepted into law school. If you do poorly on this exam, the likelihood of getting accepted into a stellar school is extremely low.

The law school admissions test, frequently referred to as the LSAT, is made up of a various segments. There are three main subjects logic reasoning, logic games and reading comprehension. The LSAT is made up of six 35-minute sections one logic games section, one reading comprehension section, two logical reasoning sections,  one writing sample and one experimental section.  The LSAT about has 100 questions, so it isn’t the longest test ever. However, it is a test of strategy.

Learning how to take this test is critical for serious law school applicants. I recently enrolled in a course that take ups 6 1/2 hours of class time and about 15-18 hours outside of class time. Studying for the LSAT is a part-time job on top of my part-time job. I try to spend at least three hours a day studying for the test outside of class time. This test is extremely important because higher scores can get you into more prestigious law schools.

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Important law school applicant considerations

There are numerous things that factor into law school acceptance. Many people who know they want to go to law school have known since high school, others don’t come to this realization until college, and even still others after they’ve been working in the real world for some time. Once you realize A-you want to be a lawyer-then you have to consider point B-how am I going to get there? There are many factors law school applicants have to consider; the law school admissions test score,  grade point average, extra-curricular activities, work experience, location of law school, and tuition.

Those are only some of the things law school students have to think about when they begin their track to seeking law school acceptance. As a college student, several of the factors are considered for different periods of time. When I first arrived at college, my mind was on choosing a major and finding something which would help me excel in law school.. Now, I am in the phase that I know I still want to be a lawyer and I need to completely demolish the law school admissions test. This means I’m preparing for the LSAT.

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My extra 2 cents on IP law

I must say, intellectual property law isn’t all sweet and pretty. You don’t just protect someone’s story. Sometimes there are unpleasant and petty issues to be deal with, for example: let’s say you create a brand image. Your best friend creates the same image, with slightly different font and change of color. You want to sue her for plagiarizing your brand.

Is this something really worth suing your best friend over?  I mean, after all, you might just receive nominal damages depending on if there was a contract based on your brand or if she pursued a copyrighted before you. These are  challenges, that ought to be considered when entering into IP law because starting out as an IP lawyer the cases may not all seem valid, which is something every lawyer has to think about when choosing a desired field. The way I like to think of it in all types of law, there will be the ‘cry-babies,’ overly sensitive people who think the world is out to get them.

In conclusion, you have to be on the lookout for those folks.

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Intellectual Property

I find law intriguing or I would not be pursuing a legal career. Furthermore, just like I have favorite types of food, I also have favorite types of law. Intellectual property law is completely fascinating to my eyes. One of the reasons, I decided to be a journalism student is so I could learn how to write better, and critique writing better. I mean as far as journalistic writing goes.

What does this have to do with intellectual property law? I’ll tell you. First of all, intellectual property law is basically law that protects creations of the mind; intangible assets. This includes symbols, music, literary work, and other sorts of intangible ideas. The most common types of IP law include, copyrights and trademarks.  Journalism in itself has taught me about persuasive writing, and researching.

I would like to put these two together is by using my knowledge of writing to help people protect their ideas. I believe every piece of literature has a story behind it and every person has a unique story. As an intellectual property lawyer, I could help protect people’s stories. Ultimately what I want to do protect people from suffering detriments. In the case of intellectual property, that would be the loss of their ideas, and unauthorized use of their ideas by other people.

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Criminal Law

“Law and Order, CSI,” and other shows are neat, except they have essentially nothing to do with what real criminal law is like. Criminal law involves all kinds of cases, not only intense ones about intense serial killers but also numerous DUI’s, PI’s and MIP’s(driving under the influence, public intoxication, and minors in possession.) Those topics may not seem exciting, but those are some of the most common types of lawsuits criminal attorneys in Stillwater, Okla. are dealing with.

For the students who think I would love to be a criminal attorney and deal with the cheesy television-type law, think again. Being a lawyer involves filing a lot of paperwork, filing more paperwork and of course, filing even more paperwork. I have recently been speaking with an attorney I will hopefully be interning for soon. As a college town, criminal attorney he has given me an idea of what being a criminal attorney looks like. He said he works long hours and that you have to love what you do or you aren’t going to be happy. If you want to help criminals in hope they may turn their lives around, you may receive a sense of satisfaction then you are in the right field. If you are doing it for the money, you might want to re-evaluate why you are getting into the profession of criminal law.

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