Law types and Law schools

The main purpose of this blog is to inform you about different types of law. There are various reasons for going to law school; some people want to practice law, some people want to enter politics with a law degree, some people want to have their own business. There are hundreds of reasons to go to law school. One important thing to be aware of is not everyone who wants to go to law school wants to be a lawyer, but some do.

An important fact is there are numerous types of law: environmental, intellectual property, oil and natural gas, criminal justice, corporate, child and family, and business. Those are only a few of the many kinds of law. I believe it is important as a pre-law student to be somewhat aware of what kind of law one may find interesting.  Going to law school without reason may be slightly foolish; unless, the person has a significant amount of money they are trying to get rid of quickly. My purpose is to know about law, especially law in the United States, how it functions, why it functions, for whom it functions.

As well as discussing different types of law, I will also discuss why I am interested in attending certain law schools. There are pros and cons to every law school that interests me. By writing about what law school I am interested in, I will have a better idea of why I would want to go there.


About laura2lopez

I am a Journalism and Broadcasting student, at Oklahoma State University. I serve as the Student Alumni Board traditions executive, and the Arts & Sciences public relations executive. I am a member of Order of Omega Honor Society and member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I am pursuing a career in the legal field.
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