Intellectual Property

I find law intriguing or I would not be pursuing a legal career. Furthermore, just like I have favorite types of food, I also have favorite types of law. Intellectual property law is completely fascinating to my eyes. One of the reasons, I decided to be a journalism student is so I could learn how to write better, and critique writing better. I mean as far as journalistic writing goes.

What does this have to do with intellectual property law? I’ll tell you. First of all, intellectual property law is basically law that protects creations of the mind; intangible assets. This includes symbols, music, literary work, and other sorts of intangible ideas. The most common types of IP law include, copyrights and trademarks.  Journalism in itself has taught me about persuasive writing, and researching.

I would like to put these two together is by using my knowledge of writing to help people protect their ideas. I believe every piece of literature has a story behind it and every person has a unique story. As an intellectual property lawyer, I could help protect people’s stories. Ultimately what I want to do protect people from suffering detriments. In the case of intellectual property, that would be the loss of their ideas, and unauthorized use of their ideas by other people.


About laura2lopez

I am a Journalism and Broadcasting student, at Oklahoma State University. I serve as the Student Alumni Board traditions executive, and the Arts & Sciences public relations executive. I am a member of Order of Omega Honor Society and member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I am pursuing a career in the legal field.
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