Important law school applicant considerations

There are numerous things that factor into law school acceptance. Many people who know they want to go to law school have known since high school, others don’t come to this realization until college, and even still others after they’ve been working in the real world for some time. Once you realize A-you want to be a lawyer-then you have to consider point B-how am I going to get there? There are many factors law school applicants have to consider; the law school admissions test score,  grade point average, extra-curricular activities, work experience, location of law school, and tuition.

Those are only some of the things law school students have to think about when they begin their track to seeking law school acceptance. As a college student, several of the factors are considered for different periods of time. When I first arrived at college, my mind was on choosing a major and finding something which would help me excel in law school.. Now, I am in the phase that I know I still want to be a lawyer and I need to completely demolish the law school admissions test. This means I’m preparing for the LSAT.


About laura2lopez

I am a Journalism and Broadcasting student, at Oklahoma State University. I serve as the Student Alumni Board traditions executive, and the Arts & Sciences public relations executive. I am a member of Order of Omega Honor Society and member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I am pursuing a career in the legal field.
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