Law School Admissions Test..

As you previously read, the  admissions test is one of the major factors in getting accepted into law school. If you do poorly on this exam, the likelihood of getting accepted into a stellar school is extremely low.

The law school admissions test, frequently referred to as the LSAT, is made up of a various segments. There are three main subjects logic reasoning, logic games and reading comprehension. The LSAT is made up of six 35-minute sections one logic games section, one reading comprehension section, two logical reasoning sections,  one writing sample and one experimental section.  The LSAT about has 100 questions, so it isn’t the longest test ever. However, it is a test of strategy.

Learning how to take this test is critical for serious law school applicants. I recently enrolled in a course that take ups 6 1/2 hours of class time and about 15-18 hours outside of class time. Studying for the LSAT is a part-time job on top of my part-time job. I try to spend at least three hours a day studying for the test outside of class time. This test is extremely important because higher scores can get you into more prestigious law schools.


About laura2lopez

I am a Journalism and Broadcasting student, at Oklahoma State University. I serve as the Student Alumni Board traditions executive, and the Arts & Sciences public relations executive. I am a member of Order of Omega Honor Society and member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I am pursuing a career in the legal field.
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