To stay or to go, to stay or to go

Deciding where to attend law school is a difficult decision. Supposing I am accepted to an out-of-state school and  in-state school, that puts me in a bit of conundrum. There are multiple pros  and some cons for both.

I’m an extremely family-oriented person, and my family means the world to me. So to make a conscious decision to live far away from them isn’t the most ideal thought. If I were to attend school outside of Oklahoma, I would live at least eight hours away from my parents. I could expand my horizons and have a better opportunity to specify  the type of law I would like to study. On the other hand though tuition would be outrageous the first year at least. Secondly, I would most likely know few people, which is a pro and a con.

The biggest pros of staying in Oklahoma include but are not limited to; more scholarship offers, location closer to family and friends. The cons of staying in Oklahoma are: licensed in Oklahoma and being less likely to move later on in life. Not getting legal experience outside of Oklahoma, and conforming to the best types of law offered here. If I were to stay in Oklahoma, I would like to focus on oil and gas law. However, I decided to pursue intellectual property law in Oklahoma my chances of success in a specific field would be seriously lowered.

If I were to leave Oklahoma, I would have the opportunity for the first time to live in another state. My LSAT score could possibly be high enough so I could have some type of scholarship money. I would be able to focus more on the type of law I truly desire to practice. I could also potentially attend one of the more prestigious law schools in the nation.

These are some of my main concerns in choosing a law school. None of the concerns; however, are of utter importance until I have a definite LSAT score.


About laura2lopez

I am a Journalism and Broadcasting student, at Oklahoma State University. I serve as the Student Alumni Board traditions executive, and the Arts & Sciences public relations executive. I am a member of Order of Omega Honor Society and member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I am pursuing a career in the legal field.
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